QLD Business Sales since 2004. Genuine buyers waiting. Our energetic team of Business Brokers can bring you the highest possible offer and best possible terms that you can’t refuse. Satisfied Sellers and Buyers can vouch for our hard work and results! We wont take your money and run – we stay committed to the job and offer to make a deal happen in total privacy!

Our Directors, husband and wife team, Peter and Nicole lead an amazing team at the forefront of technology and proactive marketing. Their enthusiasm for buyer and seller matching combined with over 13 years of business sales experience helps bring Buyers and Sellers together with greater privacy, confidence, and ease; and can happen so discretely behind your daily activities that no one really knows what you’re up to!

In a synergistic Industry buy-out scenario, it is more important than ever that you have an experienced buffer to handle and protect the goodwill and confidentiality of certain sensitive information particularly if the sale does not proceed to Settlement.

The other critical issue that most Sellers are unaware of is that whilst your Solicitor can assist you with finalising a Contract of Sale they are in fact unable to communicate directly with the other party. WE are the ONLY party to the transaction that can speak with ALL other parties, and the ONLY party that is possibly aware of each parties circumstances, concerns, and objectives so can therefore anticipate potential problems and offer solutions that can work for everyone. We can negotiate and draft up a Contract of Sale containing all the essential terms before it goes to your Solicitor for checking, and maintain communication between the parties through to Settlement (rarely does a Contract not have hiccups along the way that needs massaging).

Having sold businesses year after year for over 13 years, you can jump forward and cram this into a few months using our experience when it counts most.

Today, we enjoy almost all our business from repeat and referrals from past and current Sellers and Buyers!

If you want a successful business sale, it will take a committed and proactive Business Sales Agent with a truly united team behind you. As the Senior Brokers and Directors, we welcome you to call us directly with any questions or concerns relating to the buying or selling of your business.

Peter Iffland 0425 216 162 peter@businessforsaleqld.com.au
Nicole Nguyen-Iffland 0423 161 995 nicole@businessforsaleqld.com.au

We are passionate about Business Sales. We are also passionate about giving back!

So, when you make a minimum commitment* towards advertising your business for sale, we will sponsor an endangered animal including a Koala, Panda, Polar Bear, Orangutan, Elephant, or Tiger; and when we sell your business, we will sponsor a Child in Need. To honour your contribution, we will send you details of the sponsored animal/child and, with your blessing, credit your contribution on our website and facebook. Together we can make a difference to a life!

We will represent you! We will:

  • Personally contact 3,000+ Buyers on our Database by phone, email and/or sms
  • Bulk Email 3,000+ Buyers on our Database
  • Bulk SMS 3,000+ Buyers on our Database
  • Post to 2,000+ Facebook Business Owners
  • Post to 1,500+ LinkedIn Connections
  • Advertise on 6 Business Sales Websites
  • Screen each Buyer’s Experience, Asset and Liabilities position, and Financial Capacity
  • Produce professional Ads that are refreshed regularly
  • Produce a Business Brief outlining the Investment Opportunity
  • Administer signed Confidentiality Agreements from Buyers
  • Negotiate and draft a legal Contract of Sale
  • Manage the Contract of Sale through to Settlement

* Minimum Commitment must be $1500 + GST.

Nicole’s family was resettled in Australia in 1981 following the devastation of the Vietnam War. After processing, her family was sponsored by a loving Australian family. 30 years on, Nicole’s parents started donating profits from their family business to families in need. Today, Nicole and Peter are following in her parents footsteps and looking at ways to make a difference to the lives of endangered animals and children in need.